Journalist undergoes O-Shot – Read Her Story

Below are excerpts from the article about the O-Shot. Read the full article via the link below.

“Seven years ago, Dr Charles Runels’ lover surprised him at his office, demanding that he inject blood into her clitoris as a Valentine’s Day present. She hiked up her dress, hopped on to the exam table and motioned for Runels to put on his headlamp. She explained that she’d been watching him inject his own penis with blood for about a year, and that while his bigger and stronger erections had been fun, she’d grown tired of the one-sided sexual enhancement. It was her turn. So Runels bowed between her legs, numbed her clitoris with an ice cube and shot her up.”

“I responded with some defiant emojis. It wasn’t orgasms I was struggling with – it was the conclusion to my article. So I stepped out of my jeans and held Pamela’s hand while Runels tugged on the headlamp. “Is it happening?” I said – but it was over. The procedure was brief and painless, and within hours I was boarding my flight home, eager to put the O-Shot to the test.”

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